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Here you'll find projects that are not big enough or I gave up half way through to bother speaking about it or even announceing it. Stuff like this would be music projects, coding projects, abandoned projects, and stuff I thought was lost but is now found.


Here are some of my music projects I have done in the past, some of this is incomplete so don't have high expectations.

Album Art

XX (a8764 mix)

Here's a song I recently finished (15th December 2019) and it sounds sorta ok, I spent about 3-ish hours working on it, pretty easy because there were samples already available by the original creator which is really nice (thanks emma <3)

Download (type) Size
MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (.MP3) 15.1mb
Waveform Audio (.WAV) 101.03mb
Free Lossless Audio Codec (.FLAC) 65.95mb
FL Studio Project (FL 12.4.2) 97.3mb

Album Art

GALGALE12†roman_candle (a8764 Tiny Mix)

Heres another mix, it was very easy to make (probably because its only about 2min and took 20min to make lol), Project files along with Audio Files (FLAC/WAV/MP3) are here to download, the samples are created by Emma Essex, same as the XX Mix.

Created on the 16th December 2019

Download (type) Size
MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (.MP3) 6.06mb
Waveform Audio (.WAV) 53.4mb
Free Lossless Audio Codec (.FLAC) 27.16mb
FL Studio Project (FL 20.0.2) 165.14mb

Album Art

hard hop 9th system (a8764 mix)

wowzers, two mixes in a day? thats how you know im bored as fuck, anyway this mix took about 3-ish hours to make (longer than the previous one), it was pretty fun because the piano bops sooo much. once again, the samples are from Emma Essex the creator of the original song.

Created on the 16th of December

Download (type) Size
MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (.MP3) 11.3mb
Waveform Audio (.WAV) 84.9mb
Free Lossless Audio Codec (.FLAC) 49.1mb
FL Studio Project (FL 20.0.2) 24.3mb
Album Art

Burning Rome (a8764 Edit)

Wow another edit/mix from emma essex, but this time it is Renard's first proper album (released only on physical, don't even know how it survived.), it was fun and easy editing this, only about an hour and a bit to do it. Samples are from Emma Essex

Released on the 18th December 2019

Download (type) Size
MPEG-2 Audio Layer III (.MP3) 6.54mb
Waveform Audio (.WAV) 57.62mb
Free Lossless Audio Codec (.FLAC) 36.95mb
FL Studio Project (FL 20.0.2) 34.9mb

Ghosts 'n Stuff Remake

My first actual decent music project, finished making it around August in 2017 (quite a while ago.) Still somehwat decent but I don't really care about it that much.



Here are some of my software/coding projects that was too easy to make or too hard to make. Most of these are abandonded.

PUBG Node Tournament Software (CLI ONLY)

a cli code thing made for rflan pubg tournaments, its pretty cool


Password Generator

you get the idea, heres the github link if you want to take a look



Prime Number Generator written in C++ for Linux/MacOS



FizzBuzz Written in C++ for Linux/MacOS


Garry's Mod 11 Launcher

A CLI Launcher for Garry's Mod 11 (windows) written in C++